Laptop Repair Services?

We understand how inconvenient it is to witness the laptop stopped working issue in the middle doing something important. Our onboard expert’s team has Many years of experience in repairing laptops. Resultant, they have become proficient in repairing all brands of laptops out there.


We Repair your SMPS through our expert and professional team members, Quality Switched-mode power supply Repairing .

If Having some trouble repairing SMPS, Look, don’t worry, We have professional team members will look into your problem. 

we have team of trained and professional MAC technicians who will repair all apple products at your home or office in front of your eye sight at very affordable price.

MacBook Pro Repair

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  • Friendly Service
  • Keyboard /Keys Replacement
  • Bottom/Back Case Replacement
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Liquid Damage Component Level Repair

Motherboard Repair

Being cost-effective, perfection, and honesty are the main factors in this sector for Motherboard repair, starting at Nehru Place, New Delhi. We are committed to providing professional Motherboard repair  in Delhi/ NCR


Power Supply Battery

At Industrial Electronic Repair we offer Fair Estimates of your Power Supply. All Power Supply repairs have an extended warranted for up to 1 year.
We can handle all size of power supplies up to about 1200 lbs. Please call if over for shipping arrangements..


CPU Cooler Fan

The CPU cooler features of this fan provide excellent airflow, and a built-in aluminum heatsink designed with closely spaced fins to help increase heat dissipation and in turn provide a cooler operating environment for the CPU.


Hard Disk

If your hard drive gets corrupted due to a file system error or the hard drive turns RAW, don't panic. This guide will provide you with detailed steps to repair a corrupt hard disk without losing data. To do this, you must first check if it is the logical error that prevents you from accessing the hard drive. If so, you can check and perform hard disk repair. If it is a physical hard drive problem, you'll need to send your hard drive to the data recovery or repair service center.


CPU Repair Services?

We are instrumental in offering CPU Cards Repair Services that are known for their timeliness and effectiveness. Our adept technocrats duly test parts of CPU to detect the flaws and eliminate them by means of soldering and replacement. They repair wear & tear of ICs, transformers and also handle the moist slots of CPU, which gets darkened.